Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-01-18 00:11:48 (UTC)

I hate days like this

I don't know what happened, but two ambulances just drove
up to my apt complex and it seems like one of my neighbors
is getting taken care off. I hate the feeling of someone
hurt or sick... but since nobody here has said more than
hello to me, I really don't care that much (yes, that does
make me feel a bit guilty and wrong, but who cares)

I still haven't heard from my job interview... UGH

So tonight, because it's friday, all i'm doing is sitting
around watching the Travel Channel's Vegas Week and
writing. Oh well.

I guess things could be worse, I could be doing destructive
things still. Sitting at home could be boring, but at
least it's pretty safe and not harmful...

Well, off to watch tv and probably hang out and be bored,
I'm sure I'll be back tonight...

Nite for now...