*Bubbles and Ducks*
2003-01-17 23:45:21 (UTC)

Snowboarding (if you can even call it that)

About a week ago, on our first ski trip Brett told me he
was going to go snowboarding. And I was like "Cool! I've
always wanted to learn how to snowboard!" and he was
like "I'll teach you", and since I didn't want to go alone
with Brett (wierdness) I invited Andrea Chong to go along
with me because she wanted to learn how to too. So then
Kristen Fritz got sick and couldn't go and Khali quit Ski
club because she didn't like it, so Yasmin didn't want to
go skiing alone, she went snowboarding with us instead.
We got to Liberty and got our shoes (they are sooo much
more comfortable) and board and decided to go take our
at about 4:30. The next lesson wasn't until about 5:30. So
we decided to just hang out and try to learn by ourselves.
But then Brett and Brandon walked by and Andrea Chong just
HAD to call them over even after I told her not to. lol. So
we call them over and Brett and Brandon said "Let's go up
to the top!" and we were freaking out and telling them that
we didn't even know how to get on the lift!! So we go to
the top after having about a five minute lesson from this
guy that worked there. And we go down the hill and we fall
down A LOT. So we go up and down up and down getting more
and more miserable and more and more hurt. We did that for
three hours!! And getting off the lift I kept grabbing
Brett because I was about to fall! He was really nice and
really....normal to all three of us. Of course he was nicer
to Andrea and Yasmin, but that's normal. I actually asked
him why he was nicer, and he was like "I have a different
relationship with every girl." and I was like "why I am the
girl who gets the shit?!" and he got nicer after that. But
he was very sweet to go up and down the BUNNY HILL for
three hours with us. We finally had to force him to go away
because we knew he was so bored. And I found out who he
likes, but I promised not to tell anyone.
Finally after dinner, we got so fed up with
snowboarding, that we traded in our snowboards for skis and
went skiing for the last hour. It was snowing like really
hard adn we were on the lift and it was just so perfect. We
kept laughing because we were SOOO glad we traded our
boards in. And all this snow got in Yasmin's hair and
eyebrows and she looked like a eighty year old woman. We
were laughing so hard we almost fell off the lift.
We ended up getting home at like 11:00 instead of 10:00
because Brett and BRandon were 45 mins. late and we went
like five miles an hour so it took two hours instead of
one. I had to pee so bad because I drank three bottles of
Nicole's dad drove me home and we were swerving across
my drive way. We kept going sideways on the hill, it was so
funny. Mr.Ed was getting all excited. lol. FUNFUNFUN!!