My Life.............
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2001-09-12 03:50:52 (UTC)

I hate MEN!!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooo mad! i just talked to a guy on icq, and after
sending him my pic, which i didnt want to in the first
place, he stopped talking to me! WHAT A JERK!!!! i just
want to eat everything in sight now!!!
I just ate a soft pretzel and feel like a cow!!! i
shouldnt have eaten that pretzel, i knew i shouldnt have!!
why did i eat it.:( im trying to lose weight so i can tell
jerks like that guy off!! uuughh!
I was going to write to Jeff tonight to see if he was ok,
but, i dont know, maybe he blocked me and wont get it,
maybe he will get it and not answer me back, maybe his
girlfriend will get it, maybe i should just not send it!!!
i dont know what to do, i would love to see if hes ok but i
dont want him yelling at me again! ok, im going to send it,
but i know ill regret it!! well, ill send him one........

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