My Diary
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2003-01-17 23:09:15 (UTC)

[email protected] aps, anyways, onto somethin better

anyways, like i said in my last entry, i dont care about
net drama, it aint gonna affect my life out here so why
worry about it huh? i mean whats every1 gonna do, say more
shit, stop comin online cause i dont want to be a part of
their little game? ah wellz, oh and btw, yeah, i did get
mad aps, i mean u called me a player plublic wise, u got
everybody readin it so yeah now cause of u, everybodys been
questioning or whatever, aps, ima just say this once, back
off would ya? only reason why i stated why ur a player is
cause u went out on ur diary and claimed in front of the
world that im a player which we all know is bs, so yeah,
stop would ya? cause u know whenever i see somebody startin
their bs, im gonna find my way to start my bs up. ah hell,
who cares, right? this is the net and im complainin about
somethin dumb, wills omebody please smack me or something?
anyways, onto bigger, better, and more important things,
the month of april is coming up and i cant wait. thats
gonna be possibly the best month of my life. i have a
competition im entering to show test of strength, my 18th
bday is on the 27th, and my jobs sittin there waitin for
me. but oohhh man, check this out, today in my weight
training course, i found out i eliminated like everybody
that was gonna enter it.. it was kinda weird seein my name
on the board like that, ya know? and the main head coach of
weight training pulled me aside and said that i have a lot
of potential, plus hes wantin me to beat Chenin's record,
well not beat, but shatter it... he said if i can do 195
now, then great, but he's wantin me to gain more then 20
pounds on the lifting. i really cant wait, its gonna be one
of the best times in my life, nothin but people there
watching me, cheering me on, acheiving some gold medals and
some other first place stuff.. lol, i owe steve and nester
a lot...if it wouldnt of been for them getting me into
this, then i really wouldnt have any excuse as to why i
shouldnt give up on anything, whether itd be friendship,
school, or anything else...maybe if all goes as planned,
ill hit state record... theyre wantin to see it get hit so
bad, they think i can do it, everyday they chant my
nickname in there a lot. they said Chenin was strong, but
they have never seens somebody like me attempt to lift 195
right off the hand. right now i can lift 155 lbs with no
problam,its like lifting two twenty-five pount weights on
the forty-five pound bar.. its really light, and nobody can
beleive that im almost to my goal... it was a funny thing,
everybody in there at the begining said i couldnt hit
chenins record, even steve said so cause back then i could
barely life my own body weight... now look at my, i can
lift `155 with no prob, and im also going for state
record.. this means a lot to me.. a whole lot, more then
what anybody would know.. and its like i said before, there
aint gonna be a damn thing anybody can do to stop me from
breaking the record... well, thats all for now.... e-mail
me at either [email protected] or
[email protected] peace out ppl =)

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