The void
2003-01-17 22:33:50 (UTC)


well my boyfriend has got aol back. yaaaaaayy!!that's about
the only good thing that's happened today.
i just went for a walk with skye. we were talking about my
b/f actually.i really do need him to stop depending on me
so much. he's always saying how i make him so happy etc..
and how i'm perfect. i'm not perfect, i'm FAR FROM IT and
everytime i say that he disagrees and goes all stubborn on
me.he won't listen to what i have to say about stuff like
this. i don't want to be 'perfect' that's no basis for a
relationship. no ones perfect and if they were, think of
how fucking boring they'd be!Dave used to say i was
perfect, so as u can imagine i don't wanna have to go
through this again.i may be a good person (MAYBE) but it
doesn't make me perfect.
ok i make him happy and i may be the only thing that is at
the moment, but i don't really need to be told that. it
makes me scared of dissapointing him. i'm no angel, i'm no
goddess, i'm no miracle worker, i can't make it all
dissapear.i know that he's going to argue about all of this
and try and proove me wrong but i just hope he can see my
point and respect how i feel.because think about it...does
clingyness and too much dependency help a relationship?'s not that i don't love him, i do, he's my
everything.i just need him to understand this.
anyway...back to today,another essay,too much food,i think
rich fancies me,and one of my other m8s (who will remain un
named) is fucking annoying me so much. i HATE immature
people!getting a bit intimidated my chris too. he does love
hugs...a little too much methinks.just finished my
ssshhhicken. now gonna sit here and talk to people.