Watch me lose it...
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2003-01-17 21:38:32 (UTC)

Red Hat

Listening to : Foo Fighters - One By One

Spent last few days with machine in various states of
unbuild while I fiddled around with the hard disks to get
Linux and Windows Installed. Finally got it kind of working
now. Linux is coming on. Manged to mount a windows drive in
Linux tonight which was good..but still need to get it to
mount the drive on the RAID channel to play Mp3. Got a msn
client installed...just need to get this ogle DVD player on
now as well. That'd be cool.
Work has been on and off as usual. Spent a long time on the
phone to a guy who phoned all the way from America to do a
survey. Felt sorry him to be honest. But Richard and Johnny
sat there making remarks and having a go while I was on the
phone. I get so fucking sick of him talking down to me and
having a go.
Theres a job in the paper mother pointed out to me..might
apply..but then..better the devil you know sometimes. Dunno.
Tawny is still writing. Shes alright but I feel the boredom
time is approaching for both of us.
I spent a blinding two nights talking to River..messaged say sorry for whatever happened in the past
(whatever that was), but I wanted to talk again. Seen some
pictures of her. She turns legal this year...yummy...she
looks so young. Anyway, she went a bit weird the other day
and now shes not talking to me. Don't know what its all
about...just suddenly started ignoring me. I think I'm on
block. Stupid bitch. Her loss. What is it about people
called Nina? Fucking idiots.
Right to configure stuff. Might see 8 mile
tommorrow. Rude.

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