the wonderful (yeah right) life of mine
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2001-09-12 03:13:45 (UTC)

oh man

Today was supposed to be a really good day, nothing bad was
supposed to happen. Yesterday was my best friends birthday,
she had her party on Sunday and it was ruined because some
people that said they were going to be there didn't show
up, call, or anything, we were going to have fun today,
because on her actual birthday, she spent some time with
her family. I was going to talk to a guy that I have a
crush on (I'm really shy). Everything's changing. My
favorite radio station was ruined yesterday when they
switched to being an all 80's station, how sucky, i don't
like 80's music very well. I'm gonna quit typing before I
get too depressed. Talk to everybody laterz, bye.

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