Journey to Something
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2003-01-17 20:08:47 (UTC)

Friday, January 17, 2003

so the first lessons of the new year have been learned.

eddie was planning on having his 15th b-day prty las
saturday. (i was away over the weekend.) so all last week
kids were collecting money for alcohol for the party. to
make a long story short, eddie's parents came back from
sledding with his younger brother at a neighbor's to find
everybody wasted or stoned. erin and antonio, who only
weigh about 90 pounds, were puking nonstop. his parents
called all the parents and coaches, and they're holding a
meeting tonight i think. to top it off, everybody blamed
it on cary anne and even stuck a bong in her backpack.
what dumbasses. i mean how stupid can you be? they came
back to school monday bitching because they were off the JV
basketball team, when if they really cared so much about
playing in the first place, then they wouldn't have gone to
the party. everybody going knew there was going to be
alcohol. everybody's also after cary anne's older sister
now, for buying all the liquor. of course, in our stupid
shit-hole of a town, word travels fast, and now everybody
looks down on the frshmen class for our first "big party

the whole thing pisses me off.

also ... everybody noticed the sophmore, jessica stevens,
hasn't been in school all week. come to find out, she's
two months pregnant from her boyfriend who goes to hoosac
school, matt laporte, and she's not coming back to
school ... at least this year.