So Sad!..
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2001-09-12 02:53:51 (UTC)


Omg.. i just read this girls diary, and she said that she
wasnt going to pray for the people that died today, because
if she died they wouldnt pray for her! that is about the
most selfish thing i have heard in a long time. And then
she said that if she did pray she wouldnt know what to pray
about... what about their families, loved ones, friends,
people who lost someone.. that God watch over them.. you
know something. Man im glad that i dont know that girl..
cause she wouldnt like what i would have to say.
Anyways i cant believe all that has happend.. wow its just
unreal... watching all the people running down the street,
it looked like something that happends in other countries,
not ours... its really so sad...

Anyways with the boyfriend issue that im having, he says
hes not cheating... but should i go with what hes saying..
or my instinct... i want to believe him, but then again,
shouldnt you go along with your instincts?!?
i think im just gonna TRY and find this girl, and talk to
her... tell her that if he is cheating.. then hey she can
have him.. cause i dont want a cheater.. i dont care how
much i love him.. i refuse to put up with that shit. no one
should have to put up with cheaters.. you cant have your
cake and eat it too... maybe some people will put up with
it.. but i wont..

anyways my birthday is in a few days (Sunday) finally.. 17!