My Journal
2001-09-12 02:51:33 (UTC)

If I Had A Boat

Today's Thought:
If I had a boat, I'd probably sail out to sea for a while.
Free of all cares and worries, no responsibilities, no
dependants, nothing. And when I came back, I would start
over again. But unfortunately I don't have a boat. So
that means until I do acquire one, I have to suffer all of
those things that could possibly annoy a person. I'm not
saying that everything annoys me and that I want to exclude
myself from society and become a hermit at sea. I just
want to get away for a while. Just to relax, maybe see the
world. Then I would return to the place that I've left too
see everything differently. I find it quite odd that many
young people, such as myself, suffer from stress related
problems. In my case, I worry about simple things that I
usually know the outcome to. You can tell when I'm stessed
out by counting the grey hairs on my head (A bit over 50 so
far). So in other news, I haven't really gotten around to
writing about stuff lately, so here I go:
As of last Wednesday, I've been really bored. So bored
that I actually got around to tuning my guitar and started
to jam a bit on it. Sometimes I actually play to the point
that my finger-tips become sore and swollen. But I don't
about that, its all in good spirits.
Heres a shocker; on Monday, Danielle told me in gym class
that she broke up with Mario. Oh well, she noted reasons
such as it wasn't working out and they were better off as
friends (Thats a classic). But as soon as that was over, guess what
was on her mind, nothing but Jason (Furthermore noted as, Fireman
Jason). Its funny on how one could state that one would rather be
alone to one person, but be
hypocritical to another. So it goes...
Today's Tuesday, the worst day ever. It started with me
listening to WKYW News Radio 1060 AM on the way to school
around 9-ish, when a report came up about an allegedly
hijacked plane. I don't want to go into details, but lets
just say it turned out to be the worst day in American
history. What are my reactions? They're very simple, fuck
Afghanistan, fuck the Tailiban, fuck those sand-nigger
moslems that crashed those fucking planes, fuck bin Laden,
fuck foreignors in general. I'm really pissed at those
stupid ass fucks that they tried to fuck with us. To put
it simply, they're fucking fucked. I mean hardcore up the
ass without a reach around fucked. I hope to god that we
go to war and use their asses as shooting targets.
And in other news: two things are really bothering me, one
being that everytime Mario does something dumb he happens
to say the gayest thing, "Oopsie Poopsie!?!?!?!?" And by
gay I don't mean unprofessional, I mean flagrantly
homosexual. The other thing are the freshman in SHS this
year; seriously, when I tell them to move when they're in
the hallway, they better damn well move. I don't really
give a shit this year, all I have to do is stay in school
until June. I don't care about acting as an authoritarian
towards the young bucks, I just operate under the "Move or
be moved" policy.
As for stuff I might do later this week: I think I may read
Slaughterhouse-Five by Vonnegut again. 'Tis a classic. As for my
career as an aspiring musician, well I'm still trying to get the main
riff from "Minarets" by Dave Matthews down pat. I think may also
take the .22mm out this weekend and waste a couple of rounds down at
the club. Remember, people that actively use firearms aren't crazy,
they're prepared. It feels like I'm forgetting something...... oh


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