Thoughts of a Hidden Heart
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2001-09-12 02:51:29 (UTC)

A Harsh Realism

This morning.. as a nation we were worried about a few
point drop in our economy.. we were worried if our kids
were getting the education they needed.. we were worried
about a few credit card payments that needed to be made..
we were worried if some senator slept with a girl who
wasn't his wife.. we kissed our loved ones off and went to
our jobs feeling safe and seeing mass destruction only on
TV in foreign lands almost as if it were a video game..

Tonight.. it's on our TV.. we can't flip a station without
being there.. we are the ones living the tragedy we see on
TV everyday.. the worker that kissed his wife this morning
will never see her or his kids again..

everyday tragedies in other parts of the world are so
irrelevant to us..


A family member or friend calls because of a love or
thoughts they had for you..

isn't this what truly holds our Nation together.. the love
of who we are because we were Free to become that person..

isn't this Freedom what we are truly so mad about because
it's essence was taken from us for a brief moment today..

I can't imagine not having it.. I can't imagine not being
American.. I can't put express my emotions into words..

Being Shocked into REALITY is Scary..

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