Restless Comet Diary
2003-01-17 19:03:57 (UTC)

Hope and Love.......

Well,now is finally Friday,the week-end is coming.I'm
pretty sleepy because of my pills but I feel happy today.I
finally helped my deskmate.I made her believe life can be
nice if you want it to be nice....poor her she was so
But I guess now everything is ok and I will try her as
long as I can do it.It was a tiring week and there are
coming other tiring weeks...I didn't really study so much
for psichology so I have to read all those boring chapters
I need some money fast and I keep thinking how to get
them but I guess I won't find a solution so
fast....ummmm...I'm sure it'll all be ok anyway hehe
Trying to clear my mind and to bring some serenity ..I
really think there is someone watching me and loving me and
I just need to find out who's that person hehe...
I'll see you around,
Bye hehe!