My Life
2001-09-12 02:48:33 (UTC)

A Horrible Tragidy

Today, was a tragic day, that will sadly live on forever in
the minds of all Americans. I know that I will remember it
always. I have already written it in my diary here at
home, and I felt that I should write online too, since I
haven't for a while. I'm not just afraid of those four or
so plane crashes today, but what will come afterwards.
Yes, today was horrible, but what will the future bring? I
think everyone will get something out of this, even though
it is a horrible tragity. I think we have to realize that
we all need to live life to the fullest, every day. You
never know when your time will come, heck, it could come
any second of any minute of and hour of any day of any
month of any year, and we all need to learn something from
this, and learn to appreciate the people around us. We
only have a limited time here on Earth, and we need to take
hold of that, and have the best time we can.
Tonight/tomorrow, I'm going to tell just about everyone
what they mean to me, because if something would happen to
me tomorrow, those things that I have to say will never
come out if I don't do it now. This reminds me of a
current dream I had. Here it is:
Maybe a couple weeks ago or so, I had a dream that our
school, CLS, was under attack, and that this guy was going
around shooting people, kinda like a Columbine. He took me
by the wrist when he found me, and all I was asking him was
to tell me if my good friend and crush, Devon, was okay.
He was the only thing on my mind, I wasn't even thinking
about myself, just him. Then, the next thing I knew, I was
laying on the ground bleeding from my stomach, and the last
thing I thought of before I died, was that I would have to
tell Devon I love him. That's all I wanted before I died.
Now most of all, I realize, that I need to tell everyone,
not just Devon, exactly how much they mean to me.
I'm going to go now, and write all my friends notes to let
them know that I love them, and that I always will.