Anything But Ordinary
2003-01-17 18:43:34 (UTC)


I've come up with the best solution for the extreme hunger
problem on Mons and weds and the lack of money. If I
work , I get 50% off anything I get, which is good, but
things are so expensive. But if I get a veggie sandwich
which regularly $1.99, I can get it for 87 cents. And I
can put my beloved pesto on it!!!

I'm a serious dork for being so excited over this. :-P

Optional sectional for today in choir. I dno't really want
to go however. But I will because I love Kelly so much,
and because I think I lost my hat in the music building.
It better be there or else I don't know what I'm going to
do!! Actually I've been thinking about a new hat with
brighter colors because my coat is so dark...but we'll see.

IT's Kelly's birhtday today. She's having a party, so I
hope it's fun. I kinda feel uncomfortable around drunk
people, butI don't think it will be a big deal if it's all
drunk people I know (for the most part)

Anyhoo, latah.