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2001-09-12 02:45:20 (UTC)

Emotional Rollercoaster

Wow. What a day. First of all, I was doing my homework
around six last night and before I had a chance to finish
and stuff for the two tests I had today, I decided I would
just take a quick 20-minute snooze. The twenty minutes
snooze turned into a 7 hour sleep-a-thon. After waking up
around 3 am, I proceeded to pry the dried contacts out of
my eyes. Very painful. Then I coughed all night because I
am still sick. I woke up with only a half hour to get
ready so I took the fastest shower I have ever taken. When
I got to marching band, three misquitos bit me on the
forhead while I was at ten-hut. Painful. Big red bumps on
forhead that look like zits-except worse because they itch.
During band I rushed to finish the grammar assignment I
hadn't done last night, and during choir I recived the
wonderful news about the terrorist act. Day was off to v.b.
Then I had to go to World studies where I'm pretty sure
I failed my test on Canada because I didn't study at all
last night. Actually, I probably got a c, but that's close
enough to failingfor me. Then we watched people jump out
of windows in the trade center, and saw many people covered
in dusty soot. At this point in time, nothing was really
known, and the pentagon was still in tact. By the end of
the period we had found out that both the world trade
centers had been crashed in to by planes that had been high-
jacked. Then I had to go to Research and Writing,for which I
did not have my topic paper done, so I'm going to have to
turn that in tomorrrow, and get a B instead of an A. Very
pissed off about that class.More pissed off
than I have been ofor a very long time. Ok. Mark Lund and
I share a table, there are three chairs at this table, and
two people. I always get to class first and sit on the far
end. Everyday we take notes, and he never pays attention. After
finding out we were supposed to take notes he grabs my notebook
without asking and copies mine. My notebook, not his. He
could at least ask permission. Severe aggravation. He's
always talking when he should be listening, and he is
distracting!! If I am writing something, he is always
looking over my shoulder to copy what I am writing.
He crossed the line today. He didn't have his
grammar assignment done, and he wanted to copy mine. I
Wouldn't let him. When we traded to correct papers I ended up
getting 13/20. Not so good, but I did do it in five minutes
during band, so I shouldn't expect more. Mark didn't trade
papers because he didn't do the assignment. We then gave
our grades aurally to the teacher, and he lied and said
that he got 14, which really bothered me because he said
he got a better score than I did when he didn't even do the
assignment. I went to lunch and beat the crap out of my
bagel with a plastic knife because I was so upset. (It's just been a
bad week. I feel so weird about Drew and all...)