champagne supernova
2003-01-17 16:39:06 (UTC)

"its not saturday? " mom had a stroke of genious this mornig when i
wokeup and realzed that it was 7 told me ...hey
linz u had better hurry up or u are going to be to saturday yea..she would have been right if it wasnt
FRIDAY! andu all kw about the dumb policy of either you be
on time or u get fined $165 ..unless you have aparent wih
you..but my mom had to hury up and leave and just couldnt
wait for me to get ready so i am stuck here at home with
the baby thats not so bad thoh cause i miss spending time
with my little girl. i do miss my family . we ust hve been
so buzy latly...well actually i's my fault i've been so
buzy. thas terriblei have to make some serius time for
them...and ill make it this weekend. yes..yes indeed i
will. well guys ill see u on ..well tuesday..(no school
moday) woo-hoo! love all....(love you "oh so much bobby")