I am Queen Servos
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2001-09-12 02:17:45 (UTC)

Jumprope in Harlem


Wo. what a weird day.

I was bugging Daddy today, asking him about all sorts of
things that he never explains to me. Like .. why do the
kids at school always leave every year and new ones come?
And what's this whole "fourth grade" stuff? I asked him why
at school the other kids call me "sir" and why the teacher
always laughs when I read outloud.

He finally got pissed and left the room, I could hear him
talking on the phone but I could only make out a few words:

"Jackson?... yeah... take care .. the retarded fuck"

When he came back he said " Okay junior, you're going on a
trip." He took me to the airport and when I got to new york
this man named Mr. Jackson picked me up and said "We're
going to harlem baldy". I kinda blushed when he said that.

When we got to harlem he opened the door to let me out of
the car and then he got back in and drove off. I thought he
was coming back so I shook my fat bloated pumpkin head and
said "That silly Mr. Jackson."

After two hours I realized he wasn't coming back but it was
so cool. I played jumprope with these little black girls
and they reminded me of my pretty pretty Lefteri cause they
called me "my bitch."

They taught me double dutch and I was quite phat at it,
hehe. I learned that word today! I also learned the
words "you smelly white freak", "shiny", and "our next
victim." New yorkers are so weird with their lingo...

So anyway, right now I'm at this guy Bubba's house and he
said I can type on the computer while he "slips into
something more comfortable."

Ok ok he just called for me. byeeeeeeeee :0)

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