Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-01-17 15:37:04 (UTC)

He's Just A Power Gay....

Thanks for that headline. It left me chuckling for a long
little while as to what exactly a 'power gay' would
entail. I shan't speculate...well, not yet.

These last few days have been singular in their
uneventfulness. Going into town today (to buy La Haine and
rent out a couple of Beck albums) is the first time I have
left the house - and the first time I spoke to somebody
who lives outside of these four walls for THREE days.
Since Tuesday night.

Its not just me, though. We've been looking through, as a
house, what we'd been doing 12 & 24 months ago. Drinking,
playing squash and being sick in a nightclub, they say...I
would have been sitting about doing nothing much. Plus ca

Still, my new duvet cover - a powerful red/orange/yellow
combo, it looks bright and summery, two adjectives that
have been missing from my life for the longest time - has
gone down a storm, so much so that I went to sleep
yesterday evening (something to do before we watched
Mallrats) and woke up thinking it was next Monday, and I
phoned my mum asking her to tape Frasier for me.

Odd. I thought.

I've spent a lot of time making soups with 'English'
vegetables - onions, parsnips, carrots, potatoes, and
turnips. Great when it thickens up, but it takes 1 and a
half hours, I find. Still, nothing else to do.

Nothing too big on this weekend, either, but I have to
deforst the freezer, as there's some coffee grounds frozen
into it.

WILT? Beyond The Sea - Bobby Darin.