Static and Silence
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2001-09-12 01:54:24 (UTC)

Horrible, Horrible Things....

I have read several diary entries on this site today. Many
of those entries talk about the heinous acts that took
place in our country today. Several of these entries made
light of and joked about the death and devestation that
occurred today. I am appalled at such heartless and
juvenile comments.

I spent the day in disbelief...and beside myself. The
scope of human tragedy is not known...but it soon will be.
The people that lost their lives today died senseless
deaths. Many of those people died fearstricken (on the
airplanes and in burning/collapsing buildings). Many died
without ever knowing what happened to them. I hope and
pray many of those people died swift and painless deaths.
Yet there are those that remain alive trapped under
rubble...and those that are suffering in great pain. This
is NOT a joking matter. Those people are human beings for
God's sake!!!! They are mothers and fathers....sisters and
brothers....sons and daughters....friends and family. They
are our brethren. No one deserved what happened today.
The absolute VERY LEAST we can do as fellow human beings is
to respect those affected. This means we do NOT make fun
of what happened. We put aside our petty problems and do
what we can as a nation and as a people to bring hope and
comfort to everyone.

I wasn't alive for the attack on Pearl Harbor....I wasn't
alive for the assassination of JFK. This is something that
will forever be emblazoned in my heart and my memory. We
must build each other up...not tear one another down.

I highly doubt my words will mean anything to those that
have made a mockery and joke out of today's horrible
events. I pray that your small and narrow minds are one
day replaced with wisdom and kindness.

Ugliness and evil will always exist in this world. And I
will never allow it to exist in my heart and in my soul.