willow da kat

willows diary
2001-09-12 01:49:33 (UTC)

it gone i cant belive that this one hit so close to home

u all probly know about the world trade center by now

but my dad was going to new york.

when i first heard about what had happend i thought it was a

then after i found out that the planes left from logan air
port i flipped

i could only hope that if my dad was in he crash that he
had died fast and hadnt had any pain.

then i learnd that both flights were going to la
so then my worry was were was my father

i have no friends in my classes so i had no one to talk to

then at one of my last classes i got a note saying that my
dad was ok

after that my friends took me out to celibrate(thats spelld
at dunkin donuts (yay)

when i got home i found out that my dad had wached the twin
towers fall down and he helped set up a hospital in a
regualr building (the one he was suposta be inspectiong)

hes finaly on a train home
so im happy i guess
but i know someones father who did die on one of thouse
planes i think this one struck to clost