My Diary
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2003-01-17 09:44:50 (UTC)

yeah apz read this would ya?

Moving on..I never talk to John anymore..the one
Megs is all crazy about..He's such a player..kin'a..which
isn't..coz John said he was..when Kyles with someone..he
not to flirt..but it's something natural..atleast he don't
and kiss other chics..unlike John..coz..I'm really close to
Lisa, Jenni, n people..n he kissed Megs while he was with
Lisa..and if Megs moves there n they hook up for one I'ma
say Thank gosh..coz maybe she'll mature a bit..
Anywhooo..Ty is gettin on in..like 6 minutes or
so..yayy I'm jus countin down..how sad heh heh..but I'ma go
finish my laundry and shit..yay fun fun..soo Lates!!

so im a player huh? 1. how can i be a player when i wasnt
with jenni, 2. yeah, kyle was/is a player, i mean if he
tries so hard to not flirt then why did he or why does he do
it when he's with somebody, 3. why did he flirt w/ u
hardcore behind ashies back, and 4. if im such a player,
then how come kyle and ashie dont know about ty? come on i
want to know the answer, u wanna talk shit apz, fine, ill
open fire, i dont have a prob w/ it, and yes, go ahead, copy
and paste that lil messege i sent u, cause ya know
something, i dont care, allright? u think just cause ur over
there bein a punker u think ur god or something? nah ur not,
w/ all due respect i think u used to be cool or whatever,
then u turn around and started shit with me when yet u dont
even talk to me? i mean who do u think u are? not only that
but u live where, south carolina? and i live where, here in
vegas? yeah apz, real mature of u bad mouthin me from way
across the country.. btw, do me a favor, stay out of my
life, allright? cause u really dont have any right to be
attempting to mess it up.. o0o wait, i forgot, u cant mess
it up, u dont live out here, its my net life ur trying to
fuck up, oops my bad, allright apz, u wanna fuck up my net
life? do it, i dont care, it aint worth my time =) itll just
make u look stupid talkin a whole lot of shit, and itll make
u even more dumber talkin a whole lot of shit when yet u
dont even know me, u come online and bitch about some guy u
dont even know, then ur best friends w/ a pretty kick ass
girl, then u flirt w/ her boyfriend behind her back or
something then ya deny it to her, ya know somethin apz,
whatever, aight? this is just net shit, this is peddy stuff,
i aint gonna care if u talk trash cause its like i said in
the away stat, im better then u, now heres my reason as to
why i say im better then u, i aint goin around spreadin
shit, i aint goin around talkin shit, i aint goin around
lettin peddy things bug me, im not going around lying to ppl
24-7, im not the one that beleives some guy that sends false
pics of himself, oh and btw, for ur info, there aint
anything going on between megs and i, u can go ahead and say
there is all u want, but fact is fact, yeah, she moves out
here, im gonna hang out w/ her, im gonna show her around,
but im not gonna date her, hell, i didnt even know she was
crazy over me till just recently so hey, unlike something u
know how to do, im gonna back off so shit dont start. now
apz, if u want to talk trash again, im gonna make a promise
to u then u will be well known, and trust me apz, u had
better stop while ur ahead otherwise im gonna get ya, and im
gonna get ya good. right now, if ashie's readin this, if
kyles readin this, yeah, apz fucked with the both of ya, she
loves her ashie, she loves her kyles, but funny thing is,
she loves ty a whole lot more, talk about burn ya'll have
been fucked with. now apz, like i said, i aint a player, u
on the other hand, u are a player, u say u care for others,
well let me ask u this, why in the hell do u go out and
start shit huh? ah well, im just sittin here typing up
nothing but nonsense cause im bored off my ass, lol. like i
said apz, u can say what u want when u want and how u want,
fact is fact, i know im not a player, u can go ahead and say
i am, but i think i know why ur sayin that, ur sayin that
cause i got ya busted a while back, damn and u say i dont
have a life, ah well, just remember this though, u said it
urself, u aint got many friends like u used to, maybe only 1
and thats about it, maybe if u'd stop startin shit w/ people
then maybe u'll have more friends, but hey, as of right now,
im through w/ u, the drama ends, and for those whose readin
this and know me personally, heres a fair warning, from this
day foward, whomever starts their bullshit w/ me is
automatically getting blocked, cause ya know, i truthfully
dont give a damn about anybody bullshit, im here for every1
to talk to and all, but leave me out of the drama. if i hear
my name mentioned once and its something new to me, then
fuck, least i know everybody cares about me cause they can
never seem to leave me out of their business and they can
never seem to stay out of my business, anyways, im out.. and
yeah, listen to my warning, the drama ends, im not dealing
w/ it anymore, ya talk shit about me, then all im gonna do
is laugh, reason why im gonna laugh is because i will
literally think its so funny because i can manage to get
under somebodys skin so bad, and whats the funny part is,
ill be laughing even harder because the person doesnt even
know me irl, =D anyways, im out, peace n love ppl... oh
yeah, btw, izlan, aka veronca's mom ( no, not veronicash, im
talkin about my bestestestestest bud out here in vegas )
gave birth to a 6 pound baby yesterday, i forgot to put that
up, lol, anyways thought i'd share the news w/ u ppl, oh
yeah, e-mail me if ya wanna send me some feedback or
something, anyways, im out, lataz

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