Place To Vent
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2003-01-17 07:20:41 (UTC)

Life's Not Fair

Why I can't have a "certain somebody", I have no clue...Am
I not pretty enough? Am I annoying? Am I not funny? Is my
hair to big? Do I have ugly make-up? Is my clothes not
fashionable enough? ::Sniff:: This "certain somebody" is so
cool. I could talk to this person for forever. It would be
a lot of fun to spend more time with them and get to know
them better cuz so far...I love everything about them. It's
just not fair cuz this "certain somebody" would never like
me (like I said in the last entry). Oh well, what can I do?
I'll just have to ignore these stupid feelings I'm getting
cuz nothing can ever come of it. I'll forget...I have to.
Well this princess needs her beauty sleep fo sho so good
night and hope all you ladies get the man u want cuz I
won't be. Ahhhh. IT'S NOT FAIIIIRRRR!

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