Vanessa HOttie

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2003-01-17 07:08:54 (UTC)

Jocelyn :

omg u dont noe this gurl she goes to my skool rite. well so
so f***in annoyin. i swear. and plus she takes adavntage of
her friends wat a biache.serusiously because we hav this
friend named Melody and she has aol and so do i and so does
she. well wat she does is use MElodys sn to go online cause
her bro or sis wont give the password to use the net. so
she goes on i go on around 12 p.m. and get of at 1p.m so i
go bak on at 6 p.m and shes still on im mean wat do u do on
the net juz chat wit ppl at seriously. and
u noe how much the net came out be?!?!?!?!!? $$$$$400
DOLLARS..i mean why does she hav to go and use melodys net
if she has her own rite.

well ttyl byeess

january 16,2002