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2003-01-17 07:01:40 (UTC)


This morning my husband found one of our bikes missing
from our front porch. Someone had stolen it the night
before. I was so dumbfounded!. I mean, to steal the bike,
these people or person had to walk into our porch..remove
stuff out of the way and actually make noise before
carrying the bike away. Amazingly, I didn't even stir or
hear any noise and the bike was parked just beside my
bedroom window. Dang!!!. The porch light was on and it
scared me that whoever stole the bike had the guts to walk
right into our porch and remove the freaking
thing.Goodness knows what they or he can do again?. Why do
people steal though?. Why couldn't they just buy their own
bike?. Its amazing what these people can do for something
materialistic. I'm just so glad my kids bike wasn't
stolen..because it was nicely locked and they really
would've been dissappointed if it was stolen. You know how
kids are.

I tried cleaning up today. Put up the new shelf and
stacked my books and T.V on it. Looked ok.

Oh well, I am not feeling too good right now so I'll end
right here. Coughing a bit..must be all that ice-cream I