2003-01-17 06:55:14 (UTC)

one of those days

Today was one of those days where things kinda were
just....bleh. There was not really any reason in particular
for today to be inferior to the other days of this week,
however, for some reason, when I got home today, I felt
like I wanted to cry and sleep. Do you know what I mean?
Like, something was bothering me, but I had no idea what,
and it was really frustrating. (because a person can not be
aggravated)Ugh I seriously hate those days. I get them
every once in a while, and they totally suck. I felt like I
just wanted to be with my friends and have fun, becuase I
was insanely bored! I took a nice bath with this new bath
oil stuff that I got for Christmas...its so rad. it smells
cinnoman-y orange-y and it makes your skin feel so soft.
hahaha I sound like Im doing a commercial. but yeah. a nice
long bath always helps ya feel better. Its like magic.
haha. I want to go out and have a lot of fun this weekend.
Like just go out and be ka-ray-zee. not illegal type crazy,
but random crazy. Maybe a night out with "the girls" - or
kareoke-ing. or dancing. ooo that would be fun, and just
the boost I need. good!
I dont know if Im going to go to the dance thing tomorrow
night or not...we'll see. AHHH I still have to get my dress
for Winter Formal! Ill do that saturday day hopefully.