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2003-01-17 06:50:56 (UTC)

The Past Year(s)

I've been rereading my entries from 2002. Seeing where
I've been. It's really interesting. And kind of sad too.
Pathetic sad and sad sad as well. Just how much things
have changed, and where I am today as compared to where I
was then. Some of the times I've hit the nail on the head
with the words to exactly say how I felt. Other times I'm
vague and can't get out what I want to say.

Keeping this journal shows me how much has happened in my
life. It doesn't really seem like that much could have
happened. So much seems so trivial now. So unimportant.
It's odd. I've laughed at some of the memories, cried at
others. And I've also seen where I never mentioned things
that happened. One does stick out in my mind, but I'm
scared to write it down. Afraid that if I type it, it will
come real. How stupid is that?

Life is funny like that.


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