The crazy world of me
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2003-01-17 05:48:04 (UTC)

I am so pissed

Yeah so you know how I thought we had school well we
didn't. They freakin called off school at the last
minute. I am so pissed because I did not wake up at 6,
take a shower and all that good stuff to not go to school.
It didn't even snow yet when they called it off. So since
none of us could go back to bed Joni, Mary and I hung out
then at like 11 we went to Pizza Hut and it was so funny oh
and Jenna went with us. So later tonight we went to the
library and Joni decides she wants to look up all these
books on sex. It was so funny. She was yelling in the
library oh man these books don't have pictures in them and
all this stuff. Oh it was great. Then we ended up going
to Ricky's house and Joni locked her keys in her car
because she is a winner. Yeah so I was watching the movie
Seven and I think I am going to be having some messed up
dreams tonight. But I am going to go in case we have
school. Bye!!

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