more from undiede
2001-09-12 01:10:32 (UTC)

God Bless America

When the senate started singing 'God Bless America'
completely unplanned on their part... It really hit home.
The whole situation became more real. Everything focused
into perspective.. and I started to feel very close to my
country, to my family, to my school, and to my television.
I have shed more tears today for those I do not now simply
because no matter their age, their lives had been taken too
early. There were children, men, women, girls, boys,
teenagers.. whose lives were taken involunarily by, for
lack of a better word, nasty terrorist hitlers. My feeling
of compassion and sorrow for anyone experiencing loss... My
prayers are with you.. the weight of the nations sorrow for
this loss is lightening your load.. and we are all hoping
and praying and working for a better tomorrow..

god bless america.. and God bless those in fear tonight.