Mismatched thoughts of a Virgo
2001-09-12 01:08:49 (UTC)

Dragon Ball!

Wheee Dragon Ball Z is on its my first time
seeing one of
the Buu Series! Today is sad though... the World Trade
Market and the Pentagon got busted and theres over 20,000
people dead... BUT im a cold heartless bitch so part of me
doesnt care.... though i do worrie because one of my
freinds has 7 family members that worked there and her
brother is working to dig people out of the rubble. I just
really hope he doesnt find a family member... Hey!! I wrote
a poem about today if you wanna read here it is

Through the air it soars unknowing un beliving anything
wrong can come from this.
Through the air the deamons soar wishing for the better
life that will never come.
Through the air many lifes rest, unknowing, unwitting, so
Through the air their one death lies while the strong sit
back and watch.
Through the air the home of beauty the home of life the
home of the lord comes the death from within...
Through the air comes the destened death from which the one
so many trust will not stop
Through the air he choose to puinsh the unwitting...
Through the air comes the pain of billions...
unwitting... unsupecting... unknowing...

I think it sucks but everyone said it was okay to good... I
should be happy about it right? To bad im not... I'm not
cold or heartless though... i lied :p
I just wont let myself be sad, and i wont let myself cry
its just not me... WELLLLLLLL I dont know what else to
write so bieeeeeee!