2001-09-12 00:59:41 (UTC)

I'm gonna be slaughtered tomarrow

I'm sheltered in one of my boxes now. I like my boxes. :)

Read Gothie's diary entry- she titled it "it's a bird! it's
a plane! it's an iraqui-hijacked commercial airliner!". I
love it. She comes up with the funniest shit.

I think I'll give you a glimpse into my mind for a second.

Imagine a long, one story house facing east, surrounded
by trees and greenery along the southern side; a semi large
open grassy area (about half the size of the house- i call
it a field *shrugs*) along the northern side with more
trees bordering it and a small cottage-like building along
the opposite edge of the field. A small dragon (about the
size of a vulture) flies overhead and voices can be heard
conversing and laughing happily from inside the house and
near the field, though the figures in the field can't be
seen ...
It's a rather calming scene, so I'll leave you with that.
Go further and it gets scary.

Only ask if you want to know.

As for the title of this entry ...
I was looking through some of the titles for other people's
entries and a song got stuck in my head. Therefore ...

This one goes out to the LCTG (summer of 2001) techies.

"The sun'll come out -
Bet yer bottom dollar that
there'll be sun...

Juuuuuuust thinkin about -
Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow-
Till there's none...."

I'm going to be injured
just for bringing that up, yes,
I should run.
*runs away laughing insanely*