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2001-09-12 00:56:12 (UTC)

A Whole Buncha Crap

Well, as you all know if you're in America (Even if you're
not, possibly) a whole buncha planes (4, approx.) have hit
ground in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvanya. Terrorist
who hijackeded those planes steared them. So, I am scared
for my cousins (BJ and Jason.) And I'm scared for the US.
Then, there's this Tim crap. He is USING me to talk to
Shelly and I don't appriciate that. Ugh. Then my Mom i
always complaining we don't talk and blames the comp. Well,
today I went to the guidance councelor and she told me to
talk to my Mom. So I TRIED. Mom put her hand in my face and
acted like a 16 year old saying, "Talk to the hand 'cause
the face don't wanna hear it." Isn't that a bitch? I'mma go
now....Kill myself or something.

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