Steve L

2003-01-17 04:00:37 (UTC)

shity day today

Ok it all started 8th piriod I was working on labs for
my class and I was working with 2 kids. Well we where
working and we started talking about girl friends and well
one broght up one of my old girl friends. well I did not
want to talk about it and he just keep on talking about it
I got really mad about it. I stated yelling because there
was a roomer going around she told people that I did her in
her ass witch I thikn is grow. He alway bring it up I can
not standed it I was about to get into a big fight with him
but I keep my cool. I think if I got into a fight with this
kid I would get my ass beat badly. This kid is like two
time my size so I would have and little to no chance at
winning, but I would have try if I wanted to fight. then I
came home and the day was ok and now the day is a lot
better sicne I can talk to my girl friend witch I love. I
also know she love me. well to next time cya.

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