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2003-01-17 02:57:23 (UTC)

again, why

why do people make promises they wont keep, or cant. why in
the world would anyone like that, expect people to trust
them, with thoughts, feelings, ideas, or more important to
some... their life. im tired of people fucking me over like
this. and the best they can say or do is.. "im sorry". no
names are needed, partially because the fact that all are
at fault, myself included. but i strive to stand with my
word. i have these morals and rules of conduct for myself,
that im respected for. but the second i act like anyone
else, this animosity seems to grow in people, for me daring
to be like anyone else is. so, am i working for perfection,
something completely impossible to me... or merely a smooth
co-existance with people? what the hell am i supposed to do
about that. throw me underwater and hold me under. i will
eventually go limp, and... damn. i just went completely
blank. words wont work anymore... nothing works. maybe, ah
ha! maybe im broken...

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