What's inside Maddie's head
2001-09-12 00:09:20 (UTC)

Terrible disaster

Everyone has been talking about it, even here in boring old
Lubbock, Texas. I woke up this morning, expecting another
normal day. Today was also the day we had to get our
yearbook pictures made, so I made myself up a little
special today. Well, nothing got to me until I got to
school and the first bell rang. I noticed that all the
clasroom TVs were on with the same station on each TV. I
went to my homeroom, which also had the TV on. Just then I
figured out what was wrong. The TV was showing two
buildings burning up, and my whole homeroom class was
chattering about the disaster that had just happened. Just
when I was getting filled in by my friends, the TV turned
off. We couldn't get it to turn back on until about five
minutes of homeroom were left. When it came back on, all
that was on the TV was smoke. The buildings had collapsed.
Well, the rest of the day went on as usual, and some of my
teachers were crying about it. I also heard that a lot of
parents were in the main office trying to get their kids
out of school. It was total chaos that day. Whoever reads
this, if anyone does, please pray and support the loved
ones that were killed.