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2001-09-11 23:53:49 (UTC)


Well, i thought out of all the days to write a diary entry
this would be the day. Since today is going to be
remembered forever i thought i might as well write an
entry. So i went to livejournal since my sister and ali
have it and i found out you have to pay.!! so i came to
this site. it really sucks and it has a boring format but
its free. well nayways
Todays happenings are hard to believe. I ssti ll cant
comprehend what has happened. I know what has happened but
it is too hard to believe. Jess took me and kate home and
she is probly going to spend the night. She is like the 5th
pace child (my brother, me , kate, mandi which is almost a
canadian, and then Jess~kat and maria come close to
children too) Well anywaysmy dad is kicking me off the
internet so we can call the relitives up in canada. what
fun. I cant wait for tomomorrow SHADYSIDE!! FIELDHOCKEY
okay enough of that ttyl

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