of the last

of the last
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2003-01-17 01:40:26 (UTC)

susmoooohi (sushi)

damn interupting cows. winnie and i sat there and i told
that horrible joke about interupting cows, and she just
erupts laughing any time i say moo. oh well. then i found
out that the guy sent my mechanic the wrong part again, so
now i dont even know when i get the car back. then i made a
crap load of sushi, and then i ATE IT. so full about to
explode. soooo fuuuuulllll. yea, so then winnie and i got
somewhat into the conversation in the car which i had typed
a little of last night. about how everyone is truly the
same in that even the person who acts like they completely
dont care, they care. if they didnt care, they wouldnt even
say that they cared. since they say the dont care and try
to act like they dont care, they obviously do. i myself say
i dont care...to a certain extent. i dont care about a lot
of things, but theres not a single person on this planet
who can say, i dont care what anyone thinks. everyone
cares. i mean the main reason people act and do things is
because they care what others will think of them, be it shy
so people think of them as nice, or dont want them to think
they are mean, or if the person is loud and outspoken like
mem, then they want either people to think them funny or
accept them, or because they need attention. theres more
examples but leave it at that.
me sitting here critisizing others about critisizing, how
much of a hypocrit am i? but hey, there again it proves
that we all are like this. take the meanest most "badass"
person and think of their "not caring" as this. they
obviously want you to think they are badass, showing they
car what they think. damn i jump around from topic to
topic. Hey Mercedes is a damn good band, same with the used. i just
listening to them and some others like them. UH OH, theres
the bat signal, i must leave now *heroic music*