Thoughts from Blue Angel
2001-09-11 23:43:42 (UTC)

This is Devastating

Wow... What is there to say? We're all shocked. How do
you even begin to talk about something like this?

So many casualties... Just innocent citizens who were
going about their everyday routines.... And as they were
dying, there were children in Palastine dancing in the

How could anyone do this? How can someone be so
heartless? An estimated 20,000 are dead. That would be
like having everyone on my college campus and everyone in
my hometown die....

We're so angry, and we don't know who to take our anger out
on. We've all cried, and we've all had moments where we
couldn't even do that...

I haven't done a lot of praying for a long time. But I
have today. If there is a God, we need to send all of the
prayers we possibly can to him...