"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-09-11 23:42:49 (UTC)

The day

My day was rathering interesting in 2nd we listened to the
raido but still had to do work. In the 3rd all Mr. collins
was doing was watching that so that is what we done in
there. Then band was pretty normal but this girl in there
named Amanda myers likes me. She don't look that bad its
just I like to be free not having to worry about if my g/f
is going to like this or not. So I don't know what is
going to happen on that part. At football practice it was
pretty normal also until we got together as teams and coach
was mad and fussing all pthe rest of practice, at me a
couple of times but I just got my starting postion back and
I was not sure how I run it but I was sure. Know what I
mean. But anyways he fussed thereatened to give somebody
else my spot but that would not happen. The reason I am
Quarterback now is becuase the other got pink eye or
something and missed practice. So that was good on my
part. I used to be the starter but tyler(the other QB) is
not good at anything not even QB but it gives him some
where to play and me not have so much to do. Well I'm
single and well and out.#3

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