Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2001-09-11 23:17:08 (UTC)

I'm okay!!!

My mom is goin crazy, my aunt is ok but I think a lot of
her friends died. she was at work(right nexed to the
towers) and she herd the first crash. so she and avoryone
ran out of the building. as my aunt was running she saw the
second plane crash in the second tower, ahhhhhhh. she said
she was covored in ash and dust. she got to a hotel and
took a shower. I cant belive this, evoryone is goin out of
there fuckin minds. I just keep quiet and hope it will all
go away, like it never happened. I never show I'm scared.
I'll just hide, maybe it will go away. sometime i think
that this isn't happening and it workes. right now i'm just
enjoying my good life. If I keep typing it'll all go away,
it has to, in a couple of days I'll be back in my "boring"
school with my regular life. I'll be able to go back to the
mall on the weekends(which right now is closed. the mall
never coses)with my friends.evorything will be greate like
it always was. I'm fine!!

Current music: Drowening pool-"bodies"

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