The Story of Me
2001-09-11 23:15:47 (UTC)

Terror Reins

I guess I'm not alone in writing about today's events. It
seems to have effected everyone in the United States. My
heart goes out to the people of New York City and
Washington D.C, and all of the people and families involved.

I woke up this morning to the news of the World Trade
Center being under attack, and I've been glued to either to
news on the television or the radio. It's insane. Obviously
a planned attack, but there isn't, nor will there ever be
an explanation. That's the part that bugs me the most.
Today is a day that everyone will always remember. I have
today's news on tape...not that I would ever forget the
images that I saw today.

It seems that the state of New York has completely shut
down. All the colleges, major businesses, even the malls
are all closed for today, and possibly for tomorrow. The
airports won't be running flights until noon tomorrow. It's
so strange. The hospitals are ready for the state of
emergency that has been called. Who knows what else may
happen, but hopefully this will be the end of the attacks.
Too many people already have been lost in a horrible act of
terrorism and violence. I hope that the officials will be
able to find out who was behind this attack. New reports
just came in about a woman who called 911 on her cell phone
and gave the exact seat number of the man that hi-jacked
one of the planes today. It's been a horrible day for
everyone. Say a prayer for the wounded, and for the
families who have lost loved ones...It is truly a day of
mourning today