Green Leef Turning Gold
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2001-09-11 23:13:53 (UTC)

Los Angeles Grieves...

so many of the people killed in the crashes today were
bound for LAX. This is so terrible, as I see many other
people on the diary site have described. It is everywhere,
on tv on the internet.

My thoughts go out to the families and people most directly
affected by this tremendous act of violence. And my heart
aches for this country. This time the road to healing will
be long...never has this country been so under seige since
Pearl Harbor. This is the worst terriorist attack ever
committed on US soil.

My greatest fear is that the threat really came from
within, not some mid eastern country. Who knows. Thats all
I have to say for today. A VERY close friend of mine and
her family live in NYC, and they are all I can think about
right now.