what happened?
2001-09-11 22:26:56 (UTC)


Wow, I never thought it would happen!! As if scenes taken
from a movie. America is trully being under attack from
something so evil and so cruel. I didn't even know about
it till like noon time. It shocked me so much to find out
something would do such atrocities to US. We are a free
world we are the backbone of democracy, we are made up of
so much nationality. A refuge for countries and people
running from fear itself. We've been betrayed!!!! Those
innocent people, their blood shed for no good reason, their
families lost with no answers! I simply can not look at
the world and its people the same way anymore....I should
be ashamed to say that humanity is one of the best in
nature!!! I just hope and bless for all those in need of

Tuesday 626pm