The Second to Last Sunset Golf Course
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2003-01-16 23:05:22 (UTC)


B got a haircut. He's still shaggy I suppose; minus
the dog, the green shirt, the pot, and the bell-bottoms.
He's going to Brown this weekend and promised to bring me
back something. He won't come to Washington D.C. with me.
There's an anti-war demonstration there this
I put up a few signs around school that let everyone
know about it and to see if anyone wanted to ride with
me. Doc tore them down.
I don't know...why I waste my time with that
illiterate, nonsensical, insignificant twit of a man is
beyond me. He is determined to keep me there for the rest
of my days. Why? He certainly despises me enough to laud
me to the skies in order to get me out of there.

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