A LiL WanKstaZ LiFe
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2003-01-16 23:03:54 (UTC)

I'm GR8 Thanx

Hi guyz!! Well 2day i had a very good day...jus chillin
wit my ppl and havi fun. School is still whack but wut the
hell i have 2 deal wit it 4 atleast 3 more yrs and I'll be
done wit.
Well I'm proud 2 say I am slowly getting over Hans and I
feel alot better now...He still calls me and he tells me he
loves me but if he really did love me then he wuldnt have
mistreated me the way he did...but I already told
him "PAYBACK IS A BITCH" I aint stressin it no more he's
outta my life and I'm moving on...I still love him no doubt
but I kno soon the love i have for him will jus fade away.
2morrow we start exams and its pissin me off cus i hate
dis time of year..Especially tha fact dat i cant exempt ne
cus of my grades and the fact dat i skipped so much skool.
The good thing about it is we get out at 11:40...Thank
God!! I cant stand 2 be in dat skool. K well I'll holla at
ya lataz...WUN

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