please stop staring
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2003-01-16 22:52:20 (UTC)


hello again, my computer has been out for a little while...
but its back so yay! Yesterday was my check up for my meds
(prozac) its funny how at first i thought i was scary but
now could care less what the stereotype is. My doctor
thinks i have made immaculate progress, but dunno if i
agree. The scale said 142, 5 pounds less since last time,
but could have binged that day. Binging has decreased along
with purging, im on my ::thinks:: 3rd day of being free of
an episode. Mom is feeling better but still in the recovery
process. We're getting along which is awesome... usually
there is bickering and using hurt against the other. None
of that for a while. Chris is majorally flirting with me
and even touched my lower back!He has a gf, and it should
stay that way, but we get along so well and i dont even
know exactly how i feel about him.
b: cereal w/skim milk
l:chicken noodle soup
s: carrot stix, yogurt.... thats it so far, since my is
here after school, its so much easier to remain in control.
Tomorrow is my last final, and the stress will be over,
end, diminish ahhhhhh. Yesterday i was a mess but got only
5 wrong on the scantron Psychology final. I think , maybe
in the springtime i should take the AP test. Never know
positive thought: Even tho the sun isnt out, the light
radiates through big smiles!!!

g2g love always


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