2001-02-17 03:03:34 (UTC)

OMG! i am ready to like shoot..

OMG! i am ready to like shoot someone! my parents took me
outta my schooL!!!!! can u actually believe that! GOD! its
sooo gay! i hate this! Today was my last day! and they told
me thurs night! I went to check out @ school and say bye to
everyone, and people (including me) were crying and hugging
and stuff it was sooooo sad! Ive cried ALL day today! i
went to see my 2 school options, the one chip (my brother)
goes to, and this other one in laguna beach. I dont wanna
go to either, but my parents (mostly my dad) is making me,
and he ( meannig my dad) wants me to go to the ones my s
bro goes to and i dont! its like a elementary school! they
have 6th 7th and 8th! and the school ive been ghoing to is
7-12th! god, a little culture change going on there! the
reeason theyre doing this is because i had REALLY bad
grades and they said that they gave be 3 sememsters, all of
7th grade adn the 1st semester of 8th! i guess theyre
right, but im sooooo unbelievably pissed i cant even begin
to explain it! well, i wanna go to this school in LB and my
dad wants me to go to this GAY school where my litl bro
goes, and i sooooo dont want to! he was supposed to pick me
up today too and he came, but i wouldnt go with hiM!! haha,
and i had my way, dammit my dad is being SUCH a dicK! hes
usually REALLY cool and its my mom whos like that, but now
its oppostite i think its just cuz she know what im going
through and my dad doesnt ya knoW? Moms being soo coool!
well i g2g! bye!