Missing U
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2003-01-16 21:49:19 (UTC)

One to go

Last mid-term tomorrow and i am done! I can't wait!
Allan Houston's play it up! was so great! He reminded me
alot of 846 cuz the act the same. I can't belive he's
I cried when I got home today. I felt alone again. I feel
so stupid after I cried. I'm like "why are you crying" i
slapped myself (it hurt) and i came to see my wonderful
Howard's fav show is...STEVE HARVEY! I love that show and
will make it a point to watch everyday! Eisley rocks!
I am sooooo jealous of Andrew and Mar. Not mean jealous
but sad jealous. I wanna know what it's like to be in love.
846 is love but one-sided and it hurts so much sometimes I
can't get out of bed without crying. I want him to know
that I'm serious. Hell, I'd get married right now if I
could. Sometimes I feel like people don't understand how I
feel, they think it's just a silly schoolgirl crush. This
is kind of my fault b/c i liked like 20 guys this year but
still. I honestly love him. And deep down I think he loves

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