Life in the Making
2001-09-11 21:27:21 (UTC)

Attack on America

Well, we all know what happened this morning. It's going to be
World War III soon. The government is calling it the next Pearl
Harbor. The twin towers fell, and the Pentagon was hit. We're all
going to hell now. But i'm basiclly just writing this to tell my
opinions on it. I feel sorry for the people who died, and for the
people who are hurt (that's why in afew days when the lines go
down, I'm going to donate blood). But I really don't care. I may hate
the US and its damn government, but I don't want our nation to fall.
This is where I live. This is where I want to stay. It's kinda of sick
for me to say this, but I'm glad all those people died. There are
just too many people in this damned world. I do feel bad for the
familes and everything, but I care more about the Earth then the
people who are destroying it. Nothing comes out of wars. Why
don't people realize that? People are stupid, that's why. The more
people die, the better the remaining people will be. And the better
the Earth will survive. I don't know who attacked our country, and I
am not happy at all about it. I want those people to die. So in my
opinion, somehting both good and bad came out of it. I know some
of you are probably thinking I'm sick in the head, and I just might
be, but to me, the people are of no importance. May they rest
peacefully now where ever they are. I feel sorry for the towers
more then anything. The largest buildings in the world, a natinal
landmark for the US, has been destroyed. It will be out taxes that
will be used to rebuild it. That's menas tazes will more then likly go
up to repair those buildings as well as for artillary and food for the
coming war. I neve wanted to see WW III. I knew it was going to
happen sometime in my life time, but ehy does it have to be now?
I'm just in the prime in my life. I know I might seem selfish right
now, but I want to live my life untell I find the man I can live, who
can love me back. I want to write and entertain people with my
scripts and stories. Will I not be able to do that with what's going
on? I hope I do. It's my one last request before this nation goes
into a state of panic.