*~My Thoughts~*
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2001-02-17 01:11:20 (UTC)

Dear Diary, It s a dream come..

Dear Diary,
It's a dream come true! Snow! newayz, I found out sum1 has
a crush on me. His name is Joe, but my friend Miguel said
to stay away from him. I don't know wut 2 think. There's
this boy, Andrew Rodarte, and I think he likes my friend
Megan. He'll probably get mad at me for saying that, so
don't tell him (j/p) I'm very hyper today. My play,
Cinderella is going to be on March 5th. I sumtimes hate
being Cinderella, cuz the prince is a boy named Ted Prince
(wut a name) and grrrrr i don't like him. Well, I have to
go now, c yaz!

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