A day in the life
2001-09-11 21:22:06 (UTC)


This day is a terible day. I cant believe what has
happened... all i can think about is the innocent people in
the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon... I have
no words to desribe how i feel. All day in school we were
watching the TV and i was just shocked everytime i saw new
footage. Some of the guys at school were actually laughing
about it. I couldnt beleive it. Thousands of people were
dying and they got a good laugh out of it. I was apaled by
thier display. The funny thing is that the ones that were
laughing were the ones that could get drafted into the war
if it came down to that... God forbid that it did happen.
Ive tried everything to get this out of my head but theres
nothing i can do. I cant stop thinking about all the
children who lost their parents today. It makes me sick to
my stomach.
I cant talk about this anymore.